Experiences of a rural DJ
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Memorial Day 2016
I'm just cutting a head off with a blunt knife.
40th Birthday Party is Bat Night & Guano Dance
Valentine's Day 2016
CJ's Thanksgiving Address 2016


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Experiences of a rural DJ

Memorial Day 2016

Despite heavy rain canceling the parade this morning, the Memorial Day Program at the Fitzwilliam Town Hall was a wonderful program. 
 Master of Ceremonies Ren Doyle announced winners and honorable mentions for both the program artwork and decorated bicycles, pictured below being judged by Robert "Gunny" Brewster. 
 Students from Emerson Elementary School won awards from Toadstool Bookstore and Andy's Cycles - thanks!
Mike Grab, Chairman of the Memorial Day Committee, read the Decoration Day address of Major Garfield (1868), and the group reflected on the 150th anniversary of municipalities participating in the holiday under one title or another.

One special moment was when the event committee presented a special award to Phil Crotto, Director of the Monadnock Regional High School Marching Band, for 35 years of Memorial Day Parades in Fitzwilliam: 5 as a student (he started in Junior High) and 30 as Director.  He was my band teacher in the late 80's. :-)   
    A big thanks to everyone who participated, and particularly those who helped - from the soulful Reverend Lynda Tolton to the local posts who particpated, particularly fthose who decorated the gravestones of our military families. 
And then the sun came out and we got to have fun with our families.... 
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Happy Memorial Day! 

I'm just cutting a head off with a blunt knife.

Today I was fortunate to be able to photograph a dear friend, Kaila Cumings, as she takes another step closer to creating her hometown business.  In a workshop in the woods she enjoys keeping her survivalist tools maintained, while creating new designs, like the Kaila One knife  recently released. 

The last member of Kaila's family I photographed was her daughter, when she attended the local pre-school program.  Bailey, now 9, let me know that Walk to Emerson School Day is canceled tomorrow because of the rain.  

Kaila and I worked together at the Inn at East Hill Farm and Crossroads.  I knew she was interested in survivalism, as we both hang out  at the Fitzwilliam Sportsman's Club.  Still, it was not until we ran into each other in Las Vegas in 2014, while she was attending Shot Show, that I realized how much knives and guns had become part of her life.  
 Kaila had done much of the fundraising through social media, including Instagram and Facebook accounts.  She is the closest Entertainer listed to me, and has more than 20x the following.  Even though her page is mostly about guns and knives, there is much more.  There is a beautiful Mom who shares her passion and skills with her family, while letting an excited daughter participate in some activities. 

One of the best parts about hanging out with Kaila is that she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.  She loves competition, is always learning something and remains sweet regardless of the crap she puts up with - particularly the anonymous criticism of cyberspace.  For those of us who are in a small town that represent our region online, followers can be critical about weight, style and other personal choices or characteristics.  You go Kaila!

Humility is the building block to much social learning and self growth.  Kaila is willing to laugh at herself, yet tackles problems directly.  She has always supported her family and still she strengthens everyone's independence.  

     The Huntress - Kaila Cumings

Kaila recently went to a foreign country to be featured in an episode of Naked and Afraid which will be airing soon.  She was not allowed the guns, bows or other tools with which she has practiced.  During the shoot today I captured pics of her homemade nets to capture fish and she showed me firsthand that she has no problem playing in the dirt with dead animals.  

Obviously, if there was ever a zombie apocalypse, I'd be crying to Kaila to save me. As far as local Entertainers go, she is killing it. It is an honor to be asked to do some photos for her, catching up while having fun in the woods.  

As long as television production doesn't pull her away, I am hoping Kaila might make an appearance at Bat Night & Guano Dance.  I told her to leave the blades at home and come with a whip - like CatWoman.  
Watch out Youtube!  
Beautiful, isn't she? 
Click on the pictures and quotes to learn more.

kailacumings  Did a super fun photoshoot today with @djchrisholman 

Rihanna ft. Drake
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Happy National Small Business Week 2016!

40th Birthday Party is Bat Night & Guano Dance

Hi! For twenty years I have been planning parties for all of you...
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Batty Bat
The Count of Sesame Street
Now I hope you will come to one of mine.
That is what I want for my birthday. 

To see 
ALL of you.  
Birthdays are a time to forgive, have fun and enjoy life. 
I have spent 40 years growing in my hometown of Fitzwilliam.

I have friends that I have had my entire life.
My family are among my closest friends.
Instead of birthday gifts, I encourage donations to be accepted on behalf of various charities and organizations.

There will be one being introduced each hour, schedule to be announced.  

There will be swimming; bring a bathing suit and towel.
It will go past dark, so bring warm clothes.

I would love to have friends share pictures, stories (looking for 16 people to do the roast), and make more.
There will be limited space on four cruises throughout the night. Sign up early. 
Thank you Aunt Sheila and Uncle Mike. 

There will be a photo booth.  I shall have a scrapbook ready.  Please take some pics for me. :-) 
Wait til you see the crazy props... !
The details are still coming together, and if there are services or items you can donate, let me know.
I would love any help from volunteers, encourage friends to camp out and can put many up in local inns or at Franklin Pierce University.  

The main party will be Tuesday night, at my folks' property at Turtle Cove on Rockwood Pond.  
Wednesday, there will be a leftover luncheon and time for guests to chill before we takeover Yankee Lanes for some bowling that evening.
If you make it to Thursday, I have space for a couple dozen friends to enjoy a wine tasting at Zorvino Vineyards. 

It is a birthday week extravaganza and I hope to see you and celebrate together... More info to come!

Valentine's Day 2016

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Valentine's Day is a Super holiday for me. 
Forty years ago, my parents were married on Valentine's Day 1976.  
I was born four months later, arguably making it the first wedding I ever entertained. :-)

My parents, Debbie (19) and John (20), have built many businesses while still taking time to support Heidi and Rob, mis hermanos, and myself.  Next week will be my maternal grandparents' 64th anniversary, too. 
So, by super holiday, I have been working on many Valentine projects for months, although ultimately it was decided to cancel a dinner I had planned for today. 

We had a photo shoot with the dogs to celebrate. We exchange Valentine's gifts like many people celebrate Christmas.  I have Valentine's day cards, gift bags and cupcakes that are going to friends and  co-workers over the next few days.  
My Valentine is my Gram.  She will be 94 this year and she lives next door.  I bring her dinner most Sundays and update her about my adventures of the week.

     Today, I was just one of many that were dropping of pancakes, flowers and other tributes of love. I bring jambalaya, cole slaw and other goodies today that I was given at the end of last night's Mardi Gras party in Concord.  The Queen of the evening, Eleanor Lord, and whose husband is the Potentate of the Shrine, is my Gram's niece; I relate how everyone was dressed up, the variety of music I play and the special dances they do. I talk about how the King and Queen are brought in on a float and Gram decides she enjoys the Southern dish.  
My aunt and Dad stop by and tries some, too. Thanks Shriners!

I share my adventures of the week.  I talk about doing a photo shoot for a small family wedding, and the excitement of not being able to share who - it is a surprise for the family! 
There are many stories I relate about my trip to WeddingWire 2016 in DC and the people I meet, like Sylvia Weinstock the cake baker and TLC's Monte Durham, from Say Yes to the Dress.  

Gram, born just a couple years after Women's suffrage, talks about how much life has changed with gay people being open when I tell her GLBT weddings were 10% of them nationally last year.  

I talk to her about my time with Governor Maggie Hassan at the 11th annual Business and Industry Association of New Hampshire Breakfast.  It was my first time being able to listen to our Commissioner for the Public Utilities Commission.
   I tell her how I saw the similar slides used at a Conservation Law Foundation meeting at Antioch that same night and how different the two presentations were, reflecting my fears about our region's opposition not getting organized effectively while the energy crisis is getting good branding elsewhere in our state. 
I also talk about learning more about financing community projects at a lunch seminar I took at the NH Center for Non-profits, something that could help with town projects.  She inquires about my other charitable work.  She comments about how much jingle it puts in my pockets and I respond that I don't want to noise detract from the music...

 Not one to be shy about her opinions, Gram also fat shames me with referrals to balloons and barrels; I tell her I am fortunate to have so many meals provided by all types of people and organizations, often among the most special and memorable of their lives. 
I also let her know that when the cupcakes arrive, I shall be back to deliver one.
My Valentine has my unconditional love.  
I hope you are all enjoying your holiday weekend with your Valentines, too.
RSVP to Bat Party Tuesday, June 21st

CJ's Thanksgiving Address 2016

Happy Thanksgiving 2016!

    I am thankful for having been providing entertainment for almost twenty years.  As I approach my 40th birthday, I shall be going into my third decade of being CJ the DJ. I have been providing music for same sex unions since I started, and am happy it is being recognized nationally so that many more families can be giving thanks this year.

    It's amazing how many hometown experiences still represent my favorite events.  Today I saw one preschool friend celebrate his birthday, with generations of family at the local community center.  I show up in my flannel fleece pajama pants, have batteries in my gift and got to watch a bouncy house while discussing how one of our friend's kids has become an acrobat.  I remember when they had a bouncy house at their wedding.  

    I am thankful for a community that has come together stronger to protect our environment and way of life by opposing the proposed NED Pipeline proposed by Kinder Morgan in an application this past Friday.  Especially noteworthy are the environmentalists and conservationists, as well as the local businesses that support them, creating our strong network of land stewardship and agriculture base.

   I am thankful for all of the animal lovers in our community who come together to share our love of best friends who can't talk on behalf of themselves. I just got a wonderful card from the Monadnock Humane Society for the success of their fun Hair Ball, celebrating their 140th birthday.
    I am thankful for all of the patience NH towns have with media spotlight on election years.  With 52 candidates on the NH ballot last week, it will be an interesting 79 days until the New Hampshire primary.  I shall be signed up to take a shift at the town hall, another opportunity for which I am thankul.  We have Wi-fi this year.
   I am thankful for some interesting and engaging new staff members at Franklin Pierce University including a friendly new President and his wife, as well as our Director of Parent and Alumni Relations.

   I am thankful for all the wonderful couples who share their love with me each year by allowing me to emcee important ceremonies and once in a lifetime receptions, as well as birthday parties, reunions and anniversary dances.

   I am thankful for all the amazing people I see in the community every day, who volunteer for thankless boards, charitable loves, athletic fun, civic beauty and dozens of causes with which I can often help promote and collaborate.

I am thankful for good music, food, movies, literature, nature and art.

    One cannot forget the most important part... 
Family. I am so grateful for them.   Diva, too. 

   I like to show my gratitude by giving back, and I encourage you to join me.
Sponsor an event or organization this year, as an individual, group or family.  That organization may be your alma mater, your garden club, community shelter or a cause that promotes with an educational activity.  
Thank God for Hometowns
Carrie Underwood
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   If you need help with your give back, let me know and I might be able to help you, too. We are always looking for sponsorships for the events in which I engage, and you can see the list on my website. Next month, I'd love to see you at the Fashion Show to help our local Helping Hand or the Candlelight Vigil Memorial to the Homeless.

Pick one and give back, especially this Give Back Tuesday.  

Franklin Pierce Alumni Board Elections

Currently, I am running to serve a second three year term on the Franklin Pierce Alumni Board.  Since I won my first election, I have helped organize the 50th Anniversary Celebration, multiple Alumni Weekends and events, and hosted some of the events off campus.  I look forward to kicking off the Alumni Weekend this year as the headlining entertainment for our Hawaiian Luau!  
I shall also be attending the Red Sox v. Yankees game. :-)

I wanted to share with you the questionnaire that I filled out when I first ran for office as well as the updates I resubmitted last month.  I hope that alumni will vote for me and spread the word among your classmates, too!  The results will be announced at the next alumni board meeting at the end of March in Manchester. There are many changes with FPU this year and I am excited to be part of it. PLEASE VOTE FOR ME!

Why did you join the Franklin Pierce Alumni Board?  
One of the reasons I chose to transfer to FPU was to have an active alumni networking group.  Living near the university, I have the ability to help with regular, weekday events as well as providing support for special events.  I still believe that creating an active alumni business network is an important first step for our FPU alumni to become financially independent of the university,  while being in a position to better help fundraising, community involvement and creating  frameworks for additional social opportunities.

To help us identify your strengths and interests with alumni opportunities, please answer these few questions. Your answers will help the current alumni volunteer leadership learn more about you. Please feel free to provide additional materials as appropriate to your experience.

A. Please describe your leadership and volunteer experience, listing any positions held or organizations volunteered for.

I shall focus my responses upon the three years since my election to the alumni board, while forwarding my answers to these questions from before 2012.In March, I was elected Selectman for the Town of Fitzwilliam.  I currently represent our board on the Zoning Board of Adjustment and the Historic District.  I've enjoyed attending many conservation meetings, but my membership is limited to the Fitzwilliam Garden Club.  I shall be helping at the New England Garden Club meeting in Portsmouth in October.  This July is also the 40th anniversary of the Annual Fitzwilliam Antiques Show.  Approximately a third of all of my DJ work is related to charities and fundraisers.  This year I am returning to the Walk for Animals for the Monadnock Humane Society, and will be chairing the entertainment committee.  Next week I am hosting the Snow Ball for Joy's Network, providing local support for people with cancer. I'll also be helping the We Run with Boston Event in March on behalf of the Keene Police Department to benefit several philanthropies, like the Martin Richard's charitable foundation/Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Inc..     
After collaborating with various Lions Clubs over the decades, I decided to join the Gap Mountain Lions Club in 2014.  I have enjoyed being able to build their social media presence  as well as provide event support for annual activities and special needs.  I continue to do many of my annual events, like a prom for the elderly and disabled at one home which requires the help of many volunteers from neighborhood high schools.  While we celebrated our 50th anniversary at FPU, my town celebrated it's 250th; I hosted events for both.  Next year is the 100th anniversary of Camp Takodah (Cheshire YMCA) and I have been attending meetings for more than a couple years preparing for this milestone.  Two to three months of holiday gigs end each year; this year I helped local groups like the annual Toys for Tots campaign (Marlboro Community Connection and VFW), to providing assistance across  the state hosting a fundraiser for the Seacoast Santas.  Being a town and business leader, I have also have the privilege to have some great opportunities to work with local high school and college students.  I've had two teens pick perambulation for a Senior Project and Boy Scout Badge goal respectively.  
Currently, another senior from MRHS has been working with me to learn aspects about my business and community involvement.  DJ Isaiah is starting a community based drive for recycled jeans and is petitioning to entertain his Senior Prom. I try to make the most of the educational opportunities offered by these new positions and I often attend conferences and participate in workshops.  My education is diverse with many regular interactions between boards, departments and businesses.  I strive to create additional opportunities when possible for local education and arts by sponsoring events.

B. What characteristics of leadership, work ethics and personal traits will you bring to your volunteer activity with the alumni association?

Organization, time management and transparent goal management are the skills that will help me provide leadership to our board.  With MC, DJ, photography and event management skills that augment any meeting or activity, I often plan my schedule years ahead while having a better understanding than most of all the potential changes and adaptations needed for success.   Long range planning is what our organization needs as we look towards the second half of this century, and having a local alumnus nearby to serve as an ambassador and potential host is an asset to our campus staff and general alumni body. I am a dependable worker who does not rest until a job is done, however, I like the process to be fun and memorable with a sharp attention to detail.  My suggestions for our events have brought about changes like the memorial we created in classmates' honor, and the addition of Tapsnap photos at many of our fun events. 
With my network of local resources and experience professionally organizing functions, serving on the Alumni and Reunion Weekend Committee has been a joy I'd like to continue these next three years.  I've learned much about the growing programs and institutions FPU offers; I understand the economic and municipal issues that have affected institution development, regional politics and student opportunities.  I continuously find unique ways to promote FPU and strengthen Ravens' neighborhood ties. 

C. Have you previously participated in Alumni and Reunion Weekend, regional chapter activities or other university sponsored events or alumni opportunity since your graduation? If so, how many and which ones:

If we can find a co-chair to help with communications, I have offered to step up as a NH Chapter Alumni Co-Chair to help organize and get the Raven Alumni involved in more activities closer to home.  I have attended almost all of the board meetings from the past three years and despite having had weddings planned before many of our weekend events, I still attend as much as possible; I often do this helping with sound for Awards Dinners, Senior Toasts, preceding live entertainment, etc.   I have attended events in Manchester, Portsmouth and Boston, offering to help with our upcoming Red Sox v. Yankees adventure in July.I've invited alumni to local American Legion events, as well as to support (at the time) undergraduate bands like Mountain Road Ramblers at local venues; I have personally created FPU based karaoke events, as well as a beer and wine tasting event for alumni.  Rocky Raven joined me this past summer when I was MC for Musical Chairs for 100 people; they shut down Main Street in Jaffrey for Riverfest and this activity helps to cover the cost of the staffing. 
 I donated radio commercials during a local Sunday night blues show to promote our changing FPU social calendar.  There are many exciting and unique ways that I have been fortunate to bring our educational and local  communities together, by supporting our sports and fine arts programs, while promoting our campus publications and productions. I enjoy the opportunities this commitment to the university creates and enjoy making friends with some students from each graduating class.  With your vote, I hope to continue to provide help and leadership to the FPU Alumni Board through 2018! 

From: cjholman@hotmail.com
Subject: Alumni Association Board of Directors Nomination Form (A, B, C)
Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2012
A. Please describe your leadership and volunteer experience, listing any positions held or organizations volunteered for. 
    Starting in Junior High, I have regularly dedicated dozens of hours each week to numerous volunteer-based organizations, many of which I have been actively helping for as many as two decades. In many of these groups, I have held multiple leadership positions or lead in the organization or development of special events.  As a DJ and photographer, my skills are vital to every type of organization that relies upon social fundraising or multi-media marketing.  Approximately one third of all my work annually is for charities, non-profits, religious & military organizations, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for these causes each year.  Here are just a few of the many organizations with whom I have been involved: 

AIDS Services for Monadnock Region – As a volunteer starting in high school, this is one non-profit organization for whom I worked immediately after graduating college. With a full range of experiences, highlights included successfully writing grants to the Dept. of Health and Dept. of Education. This began a lot of my networking within community organizations, as I became certified for HIV pre & posttest counseling, as a Red Cross HIV in the workplace instructor, & began independent courses like the one I organized specifically for RA training at KSC. 

American Cancer Society (Relay for Life) – Each year, I have numerous benefits for neighbors affected by Cancer, as well as fundraisers across New England, most recently helping a Marlborough Mass. Bar, The Prospector, with their Halloween benefit. Three years ago, I sat on the board for our local Relay for Life, attending regional conferences and serving as Recruitment Chair, building the most successful kick-off event this area has ever had. 
Big Brothers/Big Sisters – As a high school student, I began my experiences as a “Big” for our local community program, and after college, I was the photographer for their marketing brochures. 
Brattleboro Area AIDS Project – Since 1997, I have volunteered for this organization, as a peer educator, DJ for dozens of dances for more than a decade & participant of the Men’s Program.  Through networking with this organization, I have maintained contacts with VT People with AIDS, for whom I have often entertained their annual retreat. 

Cheshire YMCA – I have been involved with this community organization since childhood, having worked or helped each part of the programs at some point (counselor at Camp Takodah, Assistant Director Emerson after school program, member of Golf Committee, Special Events Committee, etc.) as well as doing entertainment for their events and fundraisers. In the past years, I built their online “Cause” site on Facebook, which has been the launching point to fundraise hundreds of dollars.  I maintained that site, while also serving as an Incorporator for the organization.

Fitzwilliam Recreation Program – The beginning of my volunteer experience, I spent multiple years as a young employee of my town, providing activities for other children in town. 
Freedom to Marry – A strong proponent of marriage equality, I have been supporting organizations that advocate for marriage equality for more than a decade (HRC, GLAAD, PFLAG, numerous state-wide FTM groups, Standing Up for Families, etc.). Most recently, I organized a benefit dinner this past Monday with Rep. Richard Dwinnell for residents against the marriage repeal, particularly from his district of Fitzwilliam and Richmond. 

Gap Mountain Lions Club – Often I collaborate with neighborhood community service organizations for immediate projects, like a dance at a local VFW to raise thousands to help a local family quickly rebuild from a house fire. 
GAYLA & UU Church Organizations – I have been attending spiritual groups associated around the UU Church since my teenage years, including more than a decade and half of experiences with GAYLA, an annual weeklong men’s retreat in Saco, Maine.  GAYLA is oldest GLBT organization in the state; in the winter of 2009 I hosted a weekend of activities for the winter retreat in the Monadnock Region.  As the coordinator for dozens of men from multiple states, I was solely responsible for a wonderful weekend of winter fun. 
 Helping Hand Center – My most recent focus has been upon bringing together multiple businesses in our region to raise awareness and donations to the Helping Hand Center, which is maintained by a collaboration of all the churches of Fitzwilliam & Troy. My most regular venues, Ed’s Crossroads Pizza & Subs and the Dragon Palace have become additional drop off points.  This week I host three activities to raise donations including Surrell’s Accessories Fashion Show and Dragon Palace Dance to celebrate the Chinese New Year.
 Keene Dog Park – Having referred my brother in law Robert Nute as designer for the park, I have been invested into its development since its conception.  With a fundraising goal of $10,000, accompanied by a commitment to use zero tax dollars, I was happy to host a karaoke benefit at the Fitzwilliam Inn in 2011. Also, my photography of my dogs is the month of “May 2012” in the first Dog Park Calendar, available for $12. 
Kiwanas/Key Club – Starting in high school, this organization was the first that helped me understand the meaning behind community service, particularly through the great variety of volunteer work we can perform through this type of organization, from raking yards for the elderly to sponsoring theatrical productions. 
MCAFD – Living next door to a historic firefighting training facility and department, it has been extremely disheartening these past years to see its decline, particularly due to a lack of committed volunteers that understand the responsibilities of maintaining the facilities.  Although I am not a member, I have helped the Executive Board this past year with my photography, creation of marketing materials for their bi-annual fire school and other courses, and creating a budget and series of goals that will hopefully allow them to resume operations. 
Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention – They first added GLBTQ information to their library with my help fifteen years ago, back when they were still called Women’s Crisis Services. I have continued doing benefits for them, as recently as this past spring with Monadnock Women’s Health Fair. It was the third event I did for Monadnock Women, another non-profit, within a year. 

NH State Foster Parent – Certified in 1998 by the Dept. of Children, Youth & Family Services, I have also had additional training by Monadnock Developmental Services to work with children with disabilities. I had two long term foster children, both close to my age.  One of them recently got in touch with me this past holiday season, now the happy father of a three year old. 
Pumpkinfest Dance – A new benefit dance I began this fall with several downtown Keene businesses, this will hopefully become an annual fundraising dance at the Marriott to benefit Keene’s largest philanthropy and public relations event. *This would be an ideal event to get the alumni association involved with, setting a special rate for alumni at one of the hosting hotels.* 
PRIDE – Fifteen years of my involvement in pride events culminated when I hosted Boston Pride’s holiday party 2010.  Other Pride events in which I have been involved include Manchester, Hartford, North Hampton, Worcester, etc.

Rainbow Networks – As a DJ, I am naturally networking each day and don’t often join chambers of commerce or other organizations that require payment for that type of networking unless I am able to barter it for services.  Largely, I would be unable to attend these types of events because of my busy schedule, but if I do attend any, I prefer to affiliate with the Rainbow Networks because I feel that only by uniting GLBT businesses will be able to achieve the last civil rights movement.  I have attended events for these networks across New England and New York, and have locally been the co-chair of our first GLBT Business Expo on National Coming OUT Day 2010. I am also an honorary member of the GLBT alumni network at USC. 

Santa & Easter Bunny – As Regional Manager for Noerr Programs, overseeing all operations and dozens of employees at the lucrative malls in Burlington and Nashua, I ensured that our characters were involved in local Kidgit programs, did volunteer work for charities like the Cheshire YMCA (selling Christmas trees) and volunteered for the annual holiday radio kick-off at a Manchester theatre. 
Southwest Regional Planning Commission – While attending classes at Franklin Pierce, I was appointed by the Selectmen of Fitzwilliam to a four year term representing the town for this newly formed organization (1996-2000).  It is during that time I learned much about town meetings processes and started my involvement with other regional organizations like the Harris Institute and Citizens Against the Troy Bypass. 
Sportsmen Clubs/Rod & Gun Clubs – This past year in Fitzwilliam, benefits with this organization helped raise funds for repairing their own roof as well as support their annual charity; this year it is to raise money for Alzheimer’s Association. Other local groups in Royalston and neighboring towns also have had me entertain their benefits.
Twin States Network – Although I have worked with dozens of AIDS Service Organizations (ASO’s) over the years, this group is the one to which I have more recently attached myself with fundraising dances for its camps, youth, and other programs.  The only ASO that works in both states, I am in contact with them now discussing additional fundraisers for 2012, and a possible position on their Board of Directors. 
Veteran’s Organizations (American Legions, VFW’s, etc.) – The largest portion of my volunteer work is for local veteran organizations, sometimes with a half dozen events in a month.  I greatly discount events for veterans and their families, while hosting local fundraising dinners, karaoke nights and other events for legions in our region.  My third annual Valentine’s Dinner and Dance at the Winchendon Legion will be February 11. 

West Swanzey Community Church – Another recent example of my photography being used for a Benefit Calendar (2011), money raised from the sale of the calendars, as well as the auctioning of the original artwork, went towards reparations to the historic steeple. 
     I have become well respected as a community leader and organizer of philanthropic events.  Already this year, I have been approached by school organizations, homes for the disabled & elderly and sports/recreational groups with purposes like the Elm City Roller Dames upcoming scholarship drive. I shall do numerous fundraisers for groups like snowmobiling groups to sports tournaments in memory of loved ones. 

    Much of my FPU experience I was more greatly involved in the larger community (I was managing a photo studio and had my own home), I did have much more undergraduate volunteer experience from my time at USC.  There, I served as Undergraduate Student Senate Secretary, tutor for Neighborhood Academic Initiative (turned down opportunity to run this program), Philanthropy Chair for Trojan Knights, Philanthropy Chair, Recruitment Chair & Vice President for Phi Sigma Kappa, Omega Deuteron Chapter, etc. I was honored with my chapter’s annual Outstanding Active Award, a national fraternal leadership nomination (and two national trips for leadership school and conclave), and citations from community leaders and residential and Greek Life for my work on campus.  
    Each group and person I meet through this volunteer work and commitment to community becomes a future resource.  As a business, I have become the most popular one on social sites like Facebook for our small town and have been asked to represent the interests of other businesses in terms of their community involvement.  I have the ability to effectively motivate and organize people, and can put these great talents to use for the Franklin Pierce University Alumni Association.
B. What characteristics of leadership, work ethics and personal traits will you bring to your volunteer activity with the alumni association?
    With my networking and time management skills, I am an ideal candidate to become part of the FPU alumni association during this historic year – the 50 anniversary of Franklin Pierce University; I am in the best position personally and professionally to easily build and facilitate additional activities to celebrate this period.  Having had much experience recruiting volunteers and organizing memorable community events, I have numerous advantages including an extensive knowledge of local businesses and resources upon which I can rely. Never one to shy from public speaking, a course which I excelled at while attending FPU, I have the ability to articulate the goals of our organization to individuals at ALL events in which I participate, while providing our organization additional opportunities to become more actively involved in meaningful activities that will continue to build community spirit while improving FPU’s social standing within the larger community.  At a time when class enrollment is declining, a positive spin locally, with a recognizable reinvestment by alumni, particularly local alumni, could help immeasurably. 
    This week I begin a course on the Fundamentals of Professional Fundraising at Boston University. With this additional formal education, from which I hope to become certified as a professional fundraiser, I hope to become more greatly involved in larger capital campaigns, national charities, and other worthwhile causes; I feel that there is no Board position at this time that I am interested in involving myself moreso than with the FPU Alumni Association. I maintain a commitment to continuously improving my skillsets to bring additional talents to the organizations I help, as well as becoming a local pillar and host for alumni that return to the region.  Already I have started posting alumni events of interest on FPU and local business websites, including having hosted the first ever off campus alumni weekend event this past fall at Ed’s Crossroads. 
    I recognize the importance of having a large, local alumni organization where I would reside and maintain my business; this is a large part of why I chose to transfer to FPU, my local university and the Alma Mater of my mother.  By creating subgroups within this larger umbrella organization, we can find a place at the table for all alumni and their types of involvements. As a creative, independent thinker, I shall help explore various avenues to build and maintain stronger relationships between the alumni, staff, students and community of FPU while working upon improving upon the successes we have already had.  As a well-known and respected personality in our region, I can recruit and lead alumni in the direction of the goals we set.

C. Have you previously participated in Alumni and Reunion Weekend, regional chapter activities or other university sponsored events or alumni opportunity since your graduation? If so, how many and which ones: 
     Since graduating, I have been fortunate to be able to participate in a large variety of university sponsored events, particularly because I live so closely to the campus. I have attended theatre presentations with alumni gathering (most recently RENT), a Red Sox game, a computer course for alumni with my mother (BS in Accounting - FPU Class of 1978), art openings & speakers, like Cleve Jones.  As a Commissioner for Southwest Regional Planning Commission I often attended forums organized by the Harris Institute. There are periods when I use the library or other university resources regularly, and I often visit campus where I still have many friends whom work, teach or attend classes. As a local business manager for the nearest landscape materials business, I regularly facilitate delivery of goods to the university, often based around events and building projects. My family has provided the materials and plants for the start of school, graduation, and other special events.
   Most recently, I helped organize the first alumni weekend off campus socializer at Ed’s Crossroads Pizza & Subs in Fitzwilliam.  A late edition to the busy schedule, I was still very excited when guests wearing FPU name badges began to arrive.  I would like to see more neighborhood interaction, with students coming to more community events and the community supporting more of the students.  I am in a very unique position to help facilitate this, while greatly growing the level of alumni involvement.  I have much experience with long range planning, particularly of meetings and special events that will be of utmost importance while I represent the classes of the 1990’s as a Board Member of the Alumni Association.

Keene Charity 5K Races - 2015

One of the best parts about being a DJ is getting to try new things while helping the community.  This year, I have been asked to help MC some charity races in our region for some incredible charities, as well as dance the same night for the same great causes!  
I have captured some of the information about these dances from social media sites to share with you.  The first 5K is in less than a week and the other is in early May. There are sites to register for both, as well as to purchase tickets to the dance with silent auction.  

There will be a 5k and a one mile kids run to benefit two great charities for the upcoming 2015 Boston Marathon. 

Jim and Jen are both running for charity and are looking forward to 4/20/2015. Kids race will begin at 09:30! 5K at 10:00!

Event details and schedule: 
Run will be begin at Keene High School and end there as well. The race will be timed, for the competitive spirit. There will be prizes for both the one mile kids race as well as the 5k. Kids race at 09:30. Adults race at 10:00!

The 3rd annual Healthy Start 5k is a family-friendly run, walk or stroll on a USATF-certified course on Saturday, May 9th. 
 **Register no later than Thursday, April 16 to receive a FREE race shirt!**
All proceeds benefit the Maternal & Child Health program at HCS, which provides a wide range of health, education and support services to at-risk children of all ages and their families throughout the Monadnock Region.Event details and schedule
Race Start:  9 a.m.
HCS - 312 Marlboro Street in Keene
Free parking!

This is a rain or shine event...
the race will go on unless there is severe weather that poses a safety risk. 

Introducing DJ Isiah

"Hello, my name is Isiah Exel and I am 17 years old. I go to Monadnock Regional High School and am currently a senior. I live on a farm in Fitzwilliam of over 50 animals, and am very active in after school programs like varsity soccer and Interact. I love cooking, being outdoors and music.
For my senior project I am choosing to dj. With the help of Chris Holman, I plan to dj many events. Music has always been a big part of my life, and I love to see others enjoy it too. I haven’t found a single genre of music that I don’t enjoy. With the education I learn from this, I hope to be able to start my own business in the future.
The first time I can remember wanting to do something like this was when I was in 5 grade. I found this program online where you could choose what songs you listen to and what order. I made so many playlists and found so many types of music that it has influenced me to become what I am today. I love how there are different types of music to listen to when you’re mad, or happy or confused, or bored, or anything. There is always a reason for music and that’s why I love it so much.
There are a few goals I would like to accomplish throughout this project, the first being to learn. I know I won’t learn everything, but the more I learn about djing the better I will be in the near future. The more I learn out of this project, the more accomplished I will be in myself.
Another goal I have is to create a network of jobs to keep me doing what I love. I want to build relationships with people and make connections to further my business. This is something that I enjoy a lot, both working with people and working with music. If I could do that all day every day that would be amazing. "

26th Annual Monadnock Humane Society Walk for Animals

Hi visitors! One of the most important events of the year is less than a month away as we try to get 250 Walkers to raise $50,000 for the Monadnock Humane Society.  We need volunteers, sponsors, walkers, help with our marketing and much more.  Please take a moment to read this information that I've copied from the MHS Event Website and please take some time to get signed up. THANKS! -CJ

"Every year, animal lovers fetch their sneakers, leash up their pooches and take a walk together on this special day. Walkers raise money by finding friends, family, colleagues, businesses, coworkers—any animal lovers—to sponsor them. Get a team together, or come as an individual participant. Teams are fun, but every individual can make a difference.

This year, on the 26th anniversary, the Walk for Animals will take place at the Keene Dillant-Hopkins Airport in Swanzey. There will be two courses. Choose from either a one-mile or a three-mile course on a paved road that winds through beautiful fields and wooded areas and is accessible to everyone. The road will be closed to traffic for the day. The Walk for Animals will begin with the traditional opening parade led by Bright, Jesse and James—the Swanzey Oxen of Open Space Protection. Children are encouraged and welcome to participate. 
The Walk itself will conclude by noon with a picnic lunch, DJ Chris Holman a.k.a. CJ the DJ will be playing popular songs, and an awards ceremony with prizes for the top fundraisers in adult, youth, and team categories. 
Raffle drawings will also be held.

 Start Fundraising Now!


Get your team inspired! Encourage everyone on your team to be active participants. Be creative with team tee shirts, hats, buttons, etc. Have a pre-event party to get everyone psyched up and strategize on how to raise the most money! Invite an MHS representative to talk with your team and answer any questions.
Sign up for online fundraising on Firstgiving.com
Invite people to sponsor you with these fundraising tools!

Online fundraising via E-mail/Facebook/Text. Start an online fundraising page on FirstGiving. Post photos of you and your pets, tell your story about your love of animals! Once you’ve created a page send the link to everyone. Asking for support is easy when you post on your facebook page, send emails or texts, and blog about the Walk and your passion for helping!

Postal. Download the official Walk for Animals pledge form, and mail it to family, friends, coworkers. Add your own personal note about why it’s so important to you.
Note: If you’ve been fundraising, but you can’t be present at the Walk due to a last minute scheduling conflict, you are still eligible to win a prize. Your donations must be turned in by noon on the day before the Walk. We’ll miss you, but even though you can’t be there, you’re still helping the animalsPLEASE NOTE:  All sponsorship donations will need to be at MHS by noon on the day of the event to be counted for awards.
9:00–9:45…………Check-in/Registration Opens (Be sure to bring all of your donations and your form)
10:00 – 10:15……..Line up/Welcome remarks
10:15………………….Walk begins!
12:30………………….Picnic lunch and 
Awards Ceremony under the tent

We always need help with an event of this size. Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Margaret Atkinson (margareta@humanecommunity.org or 603.352.9011, ext 147), to find out what you can do to help before, during and after the event. 

Here are a few of the important tasks that need to be done:
- Hang posters at local businesses and organizations
- Distribute more brochures and flyers
- Help out during the event with set up, registration, dismantle/cleanup, etc.

BUSINESS SPONSORSIt’s not too late to sponsor The Walk!
If you have a business and you want to help with this event, please contact us today for sponsorship opportunities. We need your help! 
Call Carol Laughner at 603.352.9011, ext. 115 or email at caroll@humanecommunity.org for more information.
To talk with a human, contact Carol Laughner 603.352.9011, ext. 115 or via email caroll@humanecommunity.org

 All proceeds from the Walk for Animals go directly to the care of our homeless animals.

MHS is a private, 501(c)3 non-profit humane organization with a mission to foster a compassionate community by promoting and providing for the wellbeing of animals. MHS receives no state or federal funding, and relies solely on the generosity of our community."
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World AIDS Day Holiday Party with CJ the DJ 12/1/13


What is life Acoustic
Duncan Sheik 80's Covers
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The holidays  have always been a joyous time for me.  I spent more than ten years managing portrait studios for Sears, then Picture People & finally became a Regional Manager for holiday photos with Santa at New England Malls for the nations largest Santa look-alike employer. :-) 
One of my favorite annual traditions is the town tree lighting ceremony on the Fitzwilliam Common.  Everyone gets together, we sing holiday carols, stories are told to the children & my dad brings Santa in on his firetruck.  How cool is that?

Another one of my winter events I have hosted many times over the years has been World AIDS Day.  Having worked for the Department of Health doing prevention work, I began organizing events in my early twenties, with singers like Reverend Yolanda, Acting OUT, KSC Pride, & for organizations like Twin States like I did at the Fitzwilliam Inn on Wed. Dec. 1st, 2010.  The following year I took a position on their Board of Directors.  The last few years have been very meager for social service funding & we had to institute an across the board paycut for all employee & lay-off our Executive Director until we could secure additional funding.
    As soon as I learned that the town tree lighting was on World AIDS Day, I thought it would be an amazing opportunity to invite my friends to my town, to reflect on the meaning of World AIDS Day, before joining in one of the most incredible community experiences I could describe.  The Fitzwilliam Inn is gracious in allowing us to use their beautiful historic venue, including a library in which we shall be holding a silent auction to benefit Twin States. Items include a weekend in a guest house at a gay men's campground, tickets to a production of the Nutcracker & a year long family membership to a local hotel pool. 
There will be amuse-bouches & non-alcoholic drinks provided, as well as a cash bar.  Gordon Michaels, an amazing singer from Boston who originally started the gospel brunch at the House of Blues in Boston will be my guest performer. 
It is a free event & I encourage everyone to stop by & have a specialty cocktail that will also help raise money for our cause. Limited rooms are available by calling
Chelley at
We shall be having a dinner together after for anybody that is staying in the area or anyone that might like to join us, just call ahead for a reservation.
It has been a wonderful year & I truly hope to see you all at my holiday party next Sunday, December 1st at 2 PM.